5 Solid Interview Tips

In most cases, you are more than half way there once you have an landed an interview with the job that you are trying to achieve. My past experiences from mock and real job interviews interviewalong with feedback from hiring managers and head recruiters has given me enough insight to draw some conclusions on how interviews really work and what is really needed to make a stellar impression. I feel that most people nowadays tend to over complicate an interview which leads to nothing but negative vibes and feelings such as nervousness, lack of confidence and anxiety. And let’s be honest, it is totally normal to experience all these negative feelings before an interview, especially for one who is trying to land a vital or dream job. However, if you take a deep breath and follow the tips that I have formulated below, you will be much more relaxed and confident. Mark my words when I tell you there is a very thin line between an interview and sealing the deal!

1) Research, Research and RESEARCH!!!

– Honestly I don’t know how much more emphasis and stress I can place on this aspect. Doing preliminary research on the company you are looking to get hired with is as vital as it gets. Analyzing the firm and taking the time to do some research on its presence in the market can go a long way.

2) Create a Solid Personal Statement

– Now this does not need to be your life story. You can make this short, sweet and simple by including the main highlights and the strengths you want the hiring manager to take notice of. If executed correctly, a solid personal statement will give the interviewer a good idea about your character and the skills you possess that make you the perfect candidate for the position. And always remember to just be yourself!

3) The Inevitable Question “What are some of your weaknesses?”

– This question is known to be definitely asked in most behavioural interviews. Let’s admit it, not everyone is perfect. In my opinion, the interviewer here is trying to observe how humble you are and that you can actually admit you have weaknesses just like everyone else. The key here is to complement your answer by letting the interviewer know the steps you take to overcome those particular weaknesses.

4) Dress Professionally and Make a Fashion Statement (This is where you pull off that Harvey Specter look) 

– The more professionally and sharply you are dressed, the more of a positive statement it makes. Make sure the suit you wear is well tailored and your colour combinations are on point. Nothing too flashy, just keep it simple and dashing. Oh and always remember that your belt and dress shoes should be the same colour.

5) Thank You Email

– It is mostly recommended  that you send a thank you email within approximately 24 hours after the interview. This does not have to be anything complicated or long, just a simple email showing your gratitude.

Hopefully after reading some of these tips, you are now well prepared and confident. At times just go with the flow and use your professional judgement. Now what are you waiting for? Carry on and land that dream job!


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