Networking is Key!

During my 4 years of undergrad if there’s one thing I’ve learned its that in today’s modern age, if you want to obtain a job in the business world (or any other field in my opinion), there is nothing and I mean NOTHING more important than NETWORKING. In my 4 years of attending continuous networking events, almost every hiring manager and employees from different firms that I have spoken to have told me that networking is key and if you want to land a job in accounting or more specifically, a position with one of the big 4 audit firms, you have to get yourself known with their management.Big-four-logos

Now the reason why I put so much emphasis on networking is due to many reasons and at the end of the day if you really think about it, it does end up making sense. A big part of a job as a staff accountant involves dealing with clients on a constant basis. Since this is a big responsibility, the firm must be able to trust their you to deal with their million dollar clients efficiently, effectively and in a professional manner. The best way for the firm to determine if they can trust you is by getting to know you in advance either through referrals or networking events. A networking event is your chance to shine and to recruiters who you really are. So always remember, the first impression is your last impression and its not only about what you know but also about WHO you know!


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